What I did in project wonder this week

This week I did the 4 c’s and got to level 2. Then I did finish up my poster, then we got to vote on people’s posters. Sadly my poster did not get on the wall. Then we were watching a presentation about shoes. Also, I wrote in my journal and I wrote about changing one thing in my book. I said I would change the not dying so I said I wanted him to die because he was very very very bad.  Next week I hope I add a lot more in my journal. Thanks for reading my blog.       

What we have been doing in Project Wonder 1/17/20

In project wonder,  we have been doing some fun things. We have been doing a lot of things like making our own paper airplane. We got to make it however you wanted to. My paper airplane didn’t work, so I kept trying. But it still didn’t work.   Then we made a Rube Goldberg contraption. We are supposed to make something hit a roll of masking tape and make it hit the goal. It took us 19 attempts.